MBA IT LAB Facility


Hello Student ,

We know that in this era of IT Domination in most fields , it is extremely essential for a student to develop the capabilities for Computer Based Planning & Development Skills.

Hence, the Institute has established a separate IT LAB for its management post graduates.

Some of the skills you will learn at the IT lab are as follows:


  1. Project Management.
  2. Accounting through Tally
  3. Report Making through MS Excel
  4. Presentation / Promotion through Powerpoint
  5. Developing corporate communication skills - Video Conferencing , Webinars , Skype , WeChat , JusCall , Sending Official E-Mails , E-Mail Ettiquettes , Importance of Databases in A Successful Manager Reporting , E-Marketting , E-Marketting Research.
  6. Other Advanced Softwares - Taught on Demand - are - CorelDraw , OutLook , Photoscape , CSPro , StatCVS , SCaViS , DataPLOT etc.


Hence , it is essential for an MBA student to gear himself/herself up with the latest in Technology to really harbour the change the - Indian Manufacturing Industry is looking forward too. 

Use of computers in todays' business is mandatory and a computer ignorant person is considered dull in managerial behaviour as per latest market and management reports.


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