Library and Book Bank Facility

Library is an important intellaetual resource of the academic community. It helps to an academic institution members for their 'Self Development' to fulfill the curriculum requirement & to promote studies & research. The primary characteristics of a good academic library are to make complete identification with its own institution. The main objective of academic library is to function as an auxiliary to parent institution in carrying out its teaching programme effectively.


The institute has a well-furnished state of art Library with more than 12,000 books, 24 national & international journals and 3 magazines. A large number of books with different authors are present on every title. The institute also boasts of its digital library, where we have five systems, all on LAN connected to internet in the library. The institute also possesses a collection of 26 CBTs (Computer Based Tutorials) for almost every subject including recent technologies.


we have registered with National Digital Library, Kharagpur ( )


The institute also provides an additional facility of Book Bank which is availed by most of the students.


Some of the ECIMT exclusive Library Resources :

  1. Novel Section - For Fiction & Creative Tastes.
  2. Sublect Catalogs - To Help You Quickly Search a Topic.


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