To establish itself as a premier Institution of the country in the fields of teaching, research and industrial consultancy.


Creating sustainable and intelligent human resource for the region's professional training and industrial development - domain.

Research and cost effectiveness are the two fibers which we desire all our people (staff and students alike) to master, hence, contributing positively to the nation's people-friendly growth policy.


Its goal is to promote professional education and train personnel to meet the technical and managerial needs of our country and to face the global challenges in the field of Information Technology and Management.

Success is a slow process, but sure. A sure process for those, who know their "Goal", plan the path, and start moving every moment to their "Goal".

Nature has resources, we have brains, and, music starts to play, when we breathe into that bamboo stick (flute).

It is not the bamboo people shall remember, not also the musician, but what shall finally matter is how many around you felt happy listening to that tune. Don’t be slave to destiny, systems, values. Do only what is Right.

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